Mitt Romney: I Would Approve Keystone XL "On Day One"

The Republican primary's coveted 'Super Tuesday' is tomorrow, and Ohio is the top prize. So, in light of rising gas prices, on-again-off-again 'frontrunner' Mitt Romney has penned an op-ed in the Columbus Dispatch in which he attacks Obama's energy policies and generally spews forth a trough of nonsense. Here's a general summary.

I, Mitt Romney, hereby present to you (the 'undecided' GOP voter who almost certainly thinks I'm flip-flopping used car salesman) a smorgasbord of standard-issue talking points intricately selected to prove that I am indeed united with the far-right in my views on drilling, fracking, regulations, and why Obama sucks: America can be an "energy superpower" if only we drill for more oil, drill for more gas, and use more coal. But Obama (did I mention that guy's the worst?) wants to raise gas prices and your electricity bill. That's been his plan all along! Also, approve Keystone XL and get rid of environmental protections. Oh yeah, and Solyndra!

I'm not exaggerating; that's the gist of this thing, and it's dumb, dumb, dumb. I'm not going to take the time to debunk it line by line, because the vast majority of the content is typcial chest-thumping, drilltastic GOP boilerplate, and it's been thoroughly rebuffed a billion times. (Cliff Notes version: Drilling now won't reduce gas prices, Obama's 'regulations' have had only a tiny impact on the economy, his 'energy tax' [cap and trade] was never enacted, and there has been no wrongdoing uncovered in the Solyndra affair at all, and the rest of the alternative energy investment portfolio it was a part of has performed quite well.)

The only bit of new red meat in there is this:

I will permit access to our resources in the Gulf of Mexico, the Outer Continental Shelf, western lands and the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. I also will partner closely with our neighbors. Canada and Mexico have extraordinary resources of their own that can provide secure, reliable supplies for our economy. This starts with my approval of the Keystone XL pipeline on Day One.
Not that it's a surprise or anything—all the GOP candidates have supported Keystone—but he's making it an issue of 'Day One' import. And so the battle to cement Keystone as a wedge issue continues ... Hm. Maybe Romney hasn't heard that it will raise gas prices yet?

Mitt Romney: I Would Approve Keystone XL "On Day One"
The presidential contender pens an op-ed in The Columbus Dispatch, and it's full of half-truths and terrible ideas.

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