Mitt Romney: Hitler's Plan for Liquefied Coal is Good for America

Okay, so this lil' gaffe briefly surfaced way back in May, but in light of Romney's "47%" non-scandal—come on, who was actually shocked that Romney thinks like that?—it's worth another look.

Obviously, Romney isn't pro-Hitler. But what right-minded politician seeking office in the 21st century ever considers it a good idea to let fly a statement endorsing Hitler's ideas? It's f@$&ing Hitler!

"Hitler, during the second world war, I guess, because he was concerned about losing his oil, liquefied coal—that technology's still there," Romney says, because he is terrible at politics. "Why don't we develop those sources? I think government has a role to do that, by the way."

There is simply no other politician I can think of that would ever dream of voluntarily and publicly casting Hitler's ideas in a positive light, apropos of nothing. 'Well, nation, Hitler had some good ideas' is perhaps the single least effective rhetorical framing device in the world.

Also, liquefying coal is a really, really bad idea.

Mitt Romney 2012: Hitler's Bad Ideas May Work For America.

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