Los Angeles City Council Votes Against Corporate Personhood

I won't believe corporations are people photoMat McDermott/CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

It's been a good week for the great effort to strip corporations of their rights to unfettered free speech as legal persons, supported by the US Supreme Court.

First Vermont senator Bernie Sanders introduces a bill that would amend the Constitution specifying that corporations are not natural, biological persons and can't just go around making political contributions willy-nilly and calling it free speech, thereby as should be abundantly clear hopeless corrupting the US political process.

Now, as the Examiner reports, the Los Angeles city council voted unanimously against corporate personhood and called for a Constitutional amendment clarifying that once and for all.

City Council President Eric Garcetti:

Every struggle to amend the Constitution began as just a group of regular Americans who wanted to end slavery, who thought women should vote, who believed that if you're old enough the be drafted, you should be old enough to vote. ... We're very proud to come together and send a message but more than that, this becomes the official position of the City of Los Angeles, we will officially lobby for this.

Similar efforts have already taken place at the city level around the nation, but Los Angeles is far and away the largest city to do so.

The green connection is this is simple, and connects the tightly spaced dots between the Occupy movement and environmentalism.

The US political process is thoroughly corrupt as 2011 draws to a close. Due to the lobbying and so-close-they-could-kiss relationship between the majority of politicians (Democrat and Republican alike) and Wall Street, Big Oil & Coal, and Agribusiness, the US is the greatest hindrance out there to progressive solutions to climate change, renewable energy, environmental justice, food justice, and social justice, both domestically and internationally. We in the US live in bought and paid for corporatocracy which increasingly borders on outright fascism, if the collusion between government and corporations brought to light by documents released by Wikileaks, and relating to the Keystone XL pipeline approval process are indicative.

Overturning corporate personhood, overturning the Citizens United ruling, is among the strongest and surest steps that the people of the United States can do in reclaiming government for the people, the biological people.

It will not, on its own, right the environmental wrongs in the world, but at least procedurally for the US will go a long way to breaking free of the political stranglehold the polluting class and the 1% has over US life.

Worth noting: LA wins one with this for sure, but equally gets a huge demerit for lack of ideological consistency thanks to its jackbooted tactics in evicting its own Occupiers.

Los Angeles City Council Votes Against Corporate Personhood
It's been a good week for the great effort to strip corporations of their rights to buy the US political process, masquerading as free speech.

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