London statues get gas masks in fight against pollution

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One of the weird things about modern air pollution is that it's everywhere, and yet it's often hard to see. While smog levels do spike visibly from time-to-time, many urban dwellers don't realize the dangerously high levels of particulate matter that they are breathing in every single day.

Greenpeace just set out to fix that, scaling some of London's most iconic statues to install gas masks. True, Admiral Nelson is unlikely to directly suffer from respiratory problems due to London's smog, but with campaigners claiming that 40,000 lives are cut short each year due to pollution, his claim that "desperate affairs require desperate measures" took on a whole new meaning.

Also targeted for "protection" were Eros, the Greek god of love.

Queen Victoria...

...and Oliver Cromwell. Given that old Olly once said "necessity has no law," it should be no surprise that eight Greenpeace members were arrested installing this particular mask.

Kudos to Greenpeace for making air pollution just a little bit harder to ignore. You can do your part by signing their clean air petition here.

London statues get gas masks in fight against pollution
Air pollution is hard to see. But Greenpeace just made it visible.

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