A line-by-line teardown of John Tierney's article on Recycling

tierney takedown
Screen capture Rob Kaplan via Medium

We try not to get too worked up about what is written in other media, but John Tierney's article on recycling in the New York Times brought out all the pitchforks on all the green sites; I wrote Idiocracy in the New York Times: John Tierney on recycling, trying to make my usual arguments about recycling, that it is a shift of corporate responsibility for its waste to the taxpayer and the citizen. This complicates the basic issue, which is that generally John Tierney is just wrong on the facts.

On Medium, Rob Kaplan does a much better job of looking at the article on almost a line-by-line basis. His team at the Closed Loop Fund was astounded "by the sheer number of inaccurate statements and misrepresentations about the economic and environmental impact of the recycling industry. We thought it would be helpful to point a bunch of them out and share third-party, verifiable sources."

They also did it graphically, marking up the article itself for all to see. It's a work of critical art on Medium.

A line-by-line teardown of John Tierney's article on Recycling
It's so much more graphic when it is done this way.

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