'In Addition to Their "Regular" Poison, Fireworks are Extra-Dangerous This Year

TreeHuggers are nothing if not predictable, and every 3rd of July we trot out the usual post complaining about fireworks. Where do we start? With the perchlorates in the propellant that are contaminating lakes and can cause hyperthyroidism? How about the particulates that can trigger asthma? How about the strontium, barium, copper, antimony and arsenic?

chemicalsBackcountry Attitude/Screen capture
It's usually pointless to complain, because people will just say we are spoilsports, it's a tradition, it's just one day a year and other problems are much worse. "Once again treehuggers show how incredibly boring they are." But this year is different; three quarters of the country is in drought and there are fireworks bans across the country because of the risk of fire. According to MSN,

From Utah to Indiana, state and local governments are calling off annual fireworks displays out of fear that a stray rocket could ignite tinder-dry brush and trigger a wildfire. They're also warning residents not to use fireworks, sparklers or Roman candles in backyards....Officials have also canceled displays or issued warnings restricting private fireworks in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Utah and Wisconsin.

No doubt this will be ignored by many, and there will be the continued litany of burned kids and fires to be fought. No doubt TreeHuggers will be called boring wet blankets, but this year in particular, we're right.

'In Addition to Their "Regular" Poison, Fireworks are Extra-Dangerous This Year
Every year, readers complain that we are tedious wet blankets for complaining about fireworks, but this year it's serious.

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