An Inconvenient Truth, Auto-tuned (Video)

Live video for mobile from Ustream

Last year, Al Gore and co. launched the Climate Reality Project, which broadcast 24 hours of uninterrupted programming about the greatest threat we humanfolk face. The novel event was a success; millions tuned in around the world, and some of the fine video segments produced for the project went viral.

So, they're doing it again. This year, we get the Dirty Weather Report. Discussion focuses on the "new normal" climate change has ushered in—where extreme weather events are deadlier and more commonplace.

Watch the live feed above, and, for your additional viewing pleasure, I give you Mr. Vice President Gore himself. Auto-tuned.

We're getting reports that folks are having difficulty streaming the video. If it doesn't work above, you can watch at the Climate Reality Project's homepage.

An Inconvenient Truth, Auto-tuned (Video)
Al Gore's 24 Hours of Climate Reality is in full swing—tune in for the home stretch.

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