How to sell the climate movement? Wrap it in the flag

Amber waves of grain
Video screen capture Sierra Club

It is a continuing discussion on TreeHugger: How to get people to care about the environment, about climate, about the issues facing us.

Alex Steffen has been worrying about this as well, and points to a new video from the Sierra Club, promoting the upcoming April 29th Peoples' Climate March, and narrated by Chloe Sevigny and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I could do without the polar bear cliché but other than that, it really brings a tear to the eye. Perhaps wrapping ourselves in the flag might work.

Alex Steffen wrote about this earlier, about what he calls climate patriotism. Long excerpt:

...we can, in effect, wage war on the future of our country by continuing business as usual. We can continue to spew greenhouse gasses from coal plants and tailpipes, continue to shrug off the need for defenses against worsening weather, continue to pretend the economy we have now is the last word in innovation while the new economy passes us by (letting overseas competitors own the markets for renewable energy, clean technology, green building and rugged infrastructure).

We can continue to do these things, and the results are completely predictable: a weakened, impoverished America whose people (our future countrymen) reel from disaster after disaster while the world around them grows more and more chaotic.

Or we can defend our country. We can lead the world in slashing emissions through innovation and bold rebuilding; we can prepare our cities and infrastructure, farms and forests for the rough days ahead; and we can secure our prosperity and security by becoming the country that invents, designs, manufactures and sells a bright green future.

The choice is no longer between left and right, coasts and heartland, blue and red: the choice is between climate patriotism for all America… and failure.

How to sell the climate movement? Wrap it in the flag
A new video from the Sierra Club pulls on all the patriotic heartstrings.

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