House of Reps' Science & Tech Committee Head is Climate Skeptic

Set against the backdrop of President Obama's presumed next Secretary of States, Susan Rice, having extensive financial ties to the Canadian tar sands industry, the opening up for auction of the remaining deepwater oil exploration sites in the Gulf of Mexico by the Obama administration, the fact that the next head of the House Science, Space and Technology committee, Lamar Smith, is not only a climate skeptic, but also the author of the publicly much maligned Stop Online Piracy Act, just boggles my mind.

The Verge points out that Smith has
long doubted that human activity is the cause of climate change, even though the science increasingly points to the fact that not only is the planet warming, but human activity, in the form of increasing greenhouse gas emissions, is the primary factor in observed climate changes.

Smith is appointed in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. President Obama is expanding oil exploration and production, as well as presumably appointing an oil-loving Secretary of State.

Was this the change expected after the last election?

House of Reps' Science & Tech Committee Head is Climate Skeptic
Not only that, but Lamar Smith is also author of the much maligned Stop Online Piracy Act.

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