Highlights from Day 2 and 3 of SXSW Eco

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Highlights from South by Southwest Eco Day 2 & 3

I'm back from a hectic, but exhilarating few days in Austin, Texas for the 2nd Annual South by Southwest Eco conference. You can find my highlights from Day 1 here: https://www.treehugger.com/environmental-policy/highlights-day-1-sxsw-eco.html

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First things first, AT&T Conference Center, can you please fix this? Thanks!
#spelling #fail - hopefully your 'exfcutive' folks get their #education elsewhere! #sxswecoCasey Cochran
Now that that important business is out of the way, here are the tweets, photos and moments that caught my eye on day two and three of the conference. 

Familiar Faces at SXSW Eco

We love attending SXSW Eco because it's a chance for us to see some of our colleagues and friends from the sustainability movement. Here are some familiar faces and names you may recognize. 
So fun seeing coworkers in real life! @msoeden @jerryjamesstone & @christackett at #sxswecotreehuggerdotcom
Catching up w @pcousteau at #SXSWEco. Man he's got good hair. Oh, also a new book. cc @treehuggerdotcomMeg O'Neill
Darcy Winslow of academyforchange.org was an inspiration re large-scale systems change @ #sxsweco. Keep an eye out for their web launch. cc @treehuggerdotcomMeg O'Neill
love me some jer bear @ #sxsweco ! @jerryjamesstone social media guy and writer @treehuggerdotcomMeg O'Neill
Met with Juliet Eilperin, author of Demon Fish. Her book "delves into why we have this conflicted and destructive relationship with one of the most ancient animals on the planet -- including the sources of our fear, the great scam that is shark fin soup, and how they're worth more to the economy alive than dead." Read the TreeHugger review here: http://ow.ly/1ONlFd #sxsweco @sxswtreehuggerdotcom
Philippe Cousteau @pcousteau has a new kids book about the ocean. Naturally we had a 5-year old interview him about it! Thanks, @msoeden for loaning us your budding journalist! #sxswecotreehuggerdotcom
It's not often that I'm the shortest person in a group. Catching up w @sroakes @annabrones + @christackett @ #sxswecoMeg O'Neill
Anne Lappe spoke about our sustainable food future @ #sxsweco today, and was the other lady besides me w baby in tow. cc @treehuggerdotcomMeg O'Neill
NOTE: Storify is acting weird and not letting me add more photos I intended to include here. So, if I took your picture and said it was for our recap, I'm not overlooking you! Promise! I just am having trouble adding your photo. Hopefully, I'll get it to work soon.

Thursday Keynote: Senator Byron Dorgan 

Is America Sleepwalking on Clean Energy?

SXSW Eco - Thursday Keynote with Senator Byron Dorgan and Jigar Shah. Check out the Senator's book, Blowout. #sxswecoSXSW
Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things. -Byron Dorgan #Quote Jean Scott
"if you are nourished by accomplishment" then don't spend time in the senate says Sen Byron Dorgan, 18yrs there, insightful guy, at #sxswecoBlue Practice
Senator Byron Dorgan at #SXSWEco on renewable energy ideas like hydrogen fuel cells... "It's not too far in the future... It is our future!"FORM Your Planet
Byron Dorgan said Obama shd have told Romney about the $90B on clean energy:You can't accuse me of that, you’ve got to credit me for that.Juliet Eilperin
Senator Byron Dorgan: If you hit someone on side of the head w/ book & hear hollow sound, it does not mean the book is empty. #sxswecoReachScale
Byron Dorgan: "We Democrats talk like twits," cites uninspiringly-named Renewable Portfolio Standard. #sxswecoForrest Wilder
Sen. Byron Dorgan: The economic engine of America runs on fuel- 70% of the oil in this country is used for transportation #sxswecoI&O Communications
"Doing the right thing is also good for the economy." Senator Byron Dorgan ND #sxswecoBrandi Clark Burton
Senator Byron Dorgan & Jigar Shah @ #sxswecoMike Holp
Coal is unconscionable. It is just wrong. Coal and Oil is literally killing you. It causes so much medical expenses - Jigar ShahJonathan Van
Clean energy, energy efficiency is "largest wealth creation opportunity on planet." --Jigar Shah #sxswecoLaura Spanjian
Environmental groups have made a mistake: should strengthen local engagement efforts, not employ more DC lobbyists. Jigar Shah #sxswecoMichael Nardi
"Find some G.D. inspiration and bring the outrage." Quote of the day at #SXSWeco by Jigar ShahErika Ragsdale
"Find some goddamn inspiration! Bring the outrage! We're not going to get anywhere because u like something on Facebook" Jigar Shah @sxswecoBrandi Clark Burton
JIgar Shah: Environmental movement made a mistake over last two decades by focusing on Washingotn, D.C. and not local communities #sxswecoLacey Miller
Are Subsidies Holding Back U.S. Solar Deployment? http://ow.ly/eh6q7GreenMomentum Inc

DJ Spooky Presents: Sinfonia Antarctica

From his SXSW Eco bio: "Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky is a composer, musician, multimedia artist and author. He is the first artist in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC." He performed an incredible new work called Sinfonia Antarctica. DJ Spooky traveled to Antarctica with a backpack studio where he recorded the sights and sounds of icebergs, glaciers and the math of ice crystals, all of which he has mixed into an entrancing 70 minute performance. In Austin, he performed the work alongside a string trio and pianist. More to come on TreeHugger about this incredible event. In the meantime, here are a few shots. 
#sxsweco DJ Spooky at the State #austinanna hanks
DJ Spooky @ #sxsweconworbleahcim
@djspooky performing at Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica presented by Neuro Drinks #sxswecoSXSW

The New Environmentalists

Bill McKibben, Ted Nordhaus, Larry Schweiger and Bryan Walsh.

SXSW Eco - The New Environmentalists w/ Bill MKibbon of 350.org, Ted Nordhaus of Breakthrough Institute, Larry Schweiger of National Wildlife Federation, Bryan Walsh of Time Magazine. #sxswecoSXSW
Bill McKibben Introduces himself at the SXSW Eco New Environmentalists Panelleonleaf
"Truth be told, we're losing and losing badly." "One essential ingredient is having a movement to push powers." - @BillMcKibben #SXSWEcoChris Tackett
After the 'death of environmentalism', who are the new environmentalists? @BillMcKibben @LJSchweiger @bryanrwalsh & Ted Nordhaus #SXSWEcoChris Tackett
"There's no path to dealing with climate change without massive technological innovation." - Nordhaus. We should start on that, ya? #SXSWEcoChris Tackett
"When we express gratitude for remarkable lives we live, it sparks a desire to make world a better place. Better than fatalism." #SXSWEcoChris Tackett
With the arctic melting, we have broken one of the largest features of the planet @billmckibben at #sxsweco humans: #failAstrid Scholz
"When we started it was ludicrous. We need to organize the world. We had 7 undergrads & 7 continents." McKibben on creating @350 #SXSWEcoChris Tackett
McKibben's @RollingStone piece got more likes on Facebook than cover story on @JustinBieber. Read it here: http://ow.ly/efCQz #SXSWecoChris Tackett
"Our fight now isn't just between groups of humans. It's between humans and physics. And physics won't negotiate." - @BillMcKibben #SXSWEcoChris Tackett
.@BillMcKibben's piece in @RollingStone 'Global Warming's Terrifying New Math' is truly a must-read. http://ow.ly/efDi0 #SXSWEcoChris Tackett
It's hubris to think that destroying 70% of wildlife species won't be the end of human life as we know it. -Larry Schweiger WWF #sxswecoAmyMKing
Great metaphor from @BillMcKibben on nat. gas reducing emissions. "It's a fad diet..." Short term reductions that won't last. #SXSWEcoChris Tackett
This exchange btwn Nordhaus & @BillMcKibben is something I think #SXSWeco needs more of. Good faith argument about solutions. cc: @SXSWEcoChris Tackett
Ha. "I've been accused of many things, but excess objectivity is a new one. " - @BillMcKibben #SXSWecoChris Tackett
@billmckibben at #SXSWEco "Fracking is building a pier - a rickety pier - into the hydrocarbon lake."FORM Your Planet
As you listen to Ted Nordhaus talk, helpful to have read his essay, "The Death of Environmentalism." http://ow.ly/efGbP #SXSWecoChris Tackett
We're nearing the point when @BillMcKibben rips his shirt off and goes HULK all over Ted Nordhaus & his hopelessness/"pragmatism" #SXSWecoChris Tackett
"The decisions we make now will determine what life is like for rest of creation." And then @BillMcKibben dropped his mic & left! #SXSWecoChris Tackett
You guys, @BillMcKibben just destroyed Nordhaus' entire worldview, dropped the mic, walked out to standing ovation. #SXSWeco is CRAY!Chris Tackett
...granted, he did have another engagement to attend, but @BillMcKibben went out in serious style. #SXSWecoChris Tackett
No shit, Nordhaus just argued that the environmental movement has too much money to count. Not outspent by polluters. cc @drgrist #SXSWecoChris Tackett
"It’s not about getting more progressives together, it’s about getting more conservatives involved in conversation" Larry Schweiger #sxswecopriscila mosqueda
Schweiger: Hunters and anglers are concerned about climate change, seeing the effects on the ground. #SXSWEcoForrest Wilder
Schweiger: bring everyone to the table and give them the space to talk, most people will land on the side of the environment #sxswecoDawnielle Castledine
Spoiler: the next panel on 'Can Natural Gas Be Sustainable' is just a shirtless @billMckibben on stage yelling, "NOoo" for 45 min. #SXSWecoChris Tackett

The Future of Farming

SXSW Eco - Farming the Future - Jerry James Stone of Discovery Channel, Kitty Greenwald of Wall Street Journal, Brenton Johnson of Johnson's Backyard Garden, Cornelia Hoskins. #sxswecoSXSW
A garden grown on roof of every 1 of 4,500 MTA buses = 35 acres of nomadic green spaces in NYC #sxsweco smart. http://bit.ly/aWOwtoAnna Brones

SXSW Eco Activities 

Outside of the conference rooms, there were some fun activities for attendees to enjoy. 
Treecycler invited members of the "green army volunteers" and Austin's American Youth Works to create seed balls, which will be used to reintroduce native species into some wildlife areas around Austin. 
Team #Treecycler making seed balls #sxsweco #amd #green armytreecycler
Seed balls are what they sound like - balls of seeds, mixed with clay and compost. They are used to easily distribute seeds into areas that need more vegetation. The Treecycler seed balls used a seed mix native to Texas. 
Mixing up the medicine #sxswecotreecycler
Thousands of seed balls heading to Lost Pines Reforestation Project! Great day with Green Army volunteers at #sxswecotreecycler
Another fun activity were these booths from Patagonia and the Sierra Club. Patagonia's booth invited attendees to create a message explaining why they vote the environment. My message was I vote the environment #becauseIlove the great outdoors. Check out the #BecauseILove hashtag on Twitter to see more photos and messages. 
I vote the environment #becauseILove the great outdoors. #sxsweco @patagonia http://instagr.am/p/Qahhypp309/Chris Tackett
The Sierra Club booth similarly invited people to share a message about their favorite place in the United States. I didn't 
I'm at the @Sierra_Club booth at #SxSWEco - Check out My Favorite Piece of America! #mpoa http://yfrog.com/keo1acqjSarah Hodgdon
We're at the @Sierra_Club booth at #SxSWEco - Check out Our Favorite Piece of America! #mpoa http://yfrog.com/nydn3vrj #BeyondCoalAustin Beyond Coal

Interesting Facts & Quotes Tweeted at SXSW Eco.

Here are a few of the random tweets I saw that came from sessions I didn't attend. 
Every person has at least 20 different electronic items in their homes that they don't use (ipods, cell phones, etc.) - @ARCOAGroup #SXSWEcoCompuCycle
In 2009 6.6 BILLION pounds of electronic waste was generated in the US (old computers etc). Fastest growing waste stream in US! #sxswecoSarah Lakhani Groen
TX law=surface water is state property, aquifer water is private property, yet it's all same water. #SXSWEcoMaury Giles
Data centers are going to double in the next 20 years which is equivalent to 30 nuclear power facilities! #energy @christackettSummer Rayne Oakes
"Shark" comes from the Mayan word "Xoc" - an ominous demon that killed women and children @eilperin #SXSWEco Sharks have WORST connotation.Andrew Kornblatt
"Social media isn't a tactic, a strategy. It's a business philosophy." - @mateoy THIS. #SXSWEcoChris Tackett
Social media by its nature is an acknowledgment that there is no division between external and internal in business today. @mateoy #sxswecoEmily Sadigh
SXSW Eco broadens the sustainability discussion: Why is sustainable design usually so ugly? http://austin.culturemap.com/newsdetail/10-03-12-19-09-sxsw-eco-broadens-the-sustainability-discussion-with-day-one-keynote/ via @culturemapATXDan Solomon

Friday Keynote: Annie Leonard

Ending the conference on an inspiring note, Story of Stuff creator Annie Leonard gave a rousing keynote.

"I always have to tell my mother - I'm not stoned, I'm stunned" @AnnieMLeonard #sxsweco http://sxsweco.com/liveMomentum
"Anyone that says there is no alternative is not looking for one." - Annie Leonard #SXSWecoChris Tackett
Learn what tou use and eat! Babies are born pre polluted with 250 chemicals in their blood. @anniemleonard @storyofstuff @KABNTR #sxswecoCasey Cochran
In response to audience statement - "There's a reason why pastors preach to the choir. That's where the action is" - Annie Leonard #sxswecoWendee Nicole
Our #citizen muscle has atrophied compared to our #consumer muscle @storyofstuff @sxsweco http://instagr.am/p/QaZYjlirSn/Summer Rayne Oakes
Making personal change is good but “the real source of power is coming together as engaged citizens” @storyofstuff #sxswecoAnna Brones
“We’re so good at being consumers… meanwhile… we are forgetting how 2 come together to struggle for big, bold change” @storyofstuff #sxswecoAnna Brones
Flex our citizen muscles vs. consumer muscles. Recycling, BYOB (bag), walking more = "basic adult hygiene," not coordinated action #sxswecoJulie Sammons
On #millennials giving up on gov: @annieleonard If someone hijacks your car, you don't give up, you say damn it give back my car! #SXSWEcoReachScale
Johnson Backyard Garden was grown from 10 member CSA to millions in revenue. How? Started with a newsletter of photos & stories #SXSWEcoChris Tackett
Pecan Street Project: How a neighborhood became a smart grid laboratory http://ow.ly/efQ9S #SXSWeco /via @AustinChamber @EarthTechlingIC² Institute
The winner of the SXSW Eco Startup Showcase was Planet Reuse. http://www.planetreuse.com/
SXSW Eco Startup Showcase Awards - Winners: PlanetReuse. Reception hosted by Autodesk. #sxswecoSXSW
SXSW Eco Hackathon overall winners HomeEE. Flanked by The U.S. Department of Energy guys. #sxswecoSXSW
www.thebookofenergy.info "app with the most impact" #sxswecosustyj

In true South by Southwest fashion, SXSWEco closes out with a fun party featuring some great Austin musicians. 

. @rapidric getting things started #glassislife2600 #sxswecoThe FADER
#sxsweco closing party with #DIIV . @SXSW @thefader @glassislife #AustinChristina Stepp
DIIV @lovealien @thefader @GlassIsLife #glassislife2600 #austin #sxswecobaskinrobyn
Yuna @ #FADER @ktonka #sxswecoWade Green
...and that about wraps it up! I'll be sharing some deeper thoughts about SXSW Eco later in the week. What did you like best about the conference? Let me know in the comments below. 

Highlights from Day 2 and 3 of SXSW Eco
Here are the moments that caught my eye at South by Southwest Eco.

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