Greenpeace Video Pairs Radiohead With a Homeless Polar Bear

polar bear vid still.YouTube/Video screen capture

By now, most people are well-aware of the threats facing polar bears (and other Arctic species) from the pursuit and continued use of fossil fuels. But where appealing to our intellectual understanding has largely failed to draw an adequate response to this reality, conservationist groups are hoping to inspire us to action by tugging on our heart-strings.

As part of a recently launched campaign to Save the Arctic, Greenpeace has teamed up with Jude Law and Radiohead to produce a stirring video that puts the plight of polar bears into grittily surreal new perspective.

Radiohead's Thom Yorke, whose haunting vocals accompany the heart-wrenching clip above, explains why he's lent his voice to this project:

”We have to stop the oil giants pushing into the Arctic. An oil spill in the Arctic would devastate this region of breathtaking beauty, while burning that oil will only add to the biggest problem we all face, climate change. That’s why I’m backing this campaign.”

Greenpeace Video Pairs Radiohead With a Homeless Polar Bear
As global warming continues to threaten Arctic ecosystems, it's getting harder and harder for everything to be in its right place.

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