Green Party Television Ads Censored by Google

With the Republican convention behind us and the Democratic convention happening over the next couple of days, the Green Party rightly thought it prime time to buy some cable TV advertising to point out that their candidate for president, Jill Stein, does indeed offer a solidly different platform.

Except that, apparently, Google is objecting to the ad (embedded below) that the Green Party wanted to run today through Thursday.

The Stein campaign says, "This morning, Google—which served as a broker for placement of our national satellite and cable television ad placements—informed Jill Stein for President that they were censoring the campaign's ads due to 'inappropriate language'."

No doubt the "inappropriate language" is the bleeped word 'bullshit', though considering it is self-censored in the clip I'm not so sure what's so inappropriate about it other than being a blunt and, to my mind, on point characterization of both the nascent Romney-Ryan campaign and a good deal if certainly not all of the Obama presidency on environmental matters. Whether the Stein ads, with the pretty lame Network references, are good filmmaking or advertisement is another matter.

The Stein campaign goes on to say "these ads already comply with FCC regulations regarding appropriate content" and "Google does not seem to understand that federal law prohibits broadcasters from censoring ads submitted by candidates for public office."

As alternatives to the "inappropriate" ad, the Stein campaign plans on running one of the three ads embedded below:

So, what do you think: Is the Stein ad inappropriate to you in any way? Keep in mind that it would be running on cable and satellite TV, not broadcast.

UPDATE: Google has changed its position on the Stein campaign ads, meaning the top ad will be running.

Green Party Television Ads Censored by Google
The Jill Stein campaign had intended to run a national TV campaign this week, but apparently Google has deemed some of the ad language "inappropriate".

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