Green Party Presidential Nominee Arrested in Texas, Assisting Keystone XL Protesters

Green Party candidate for president Jill Stein may be the most-arrested candidate in history: Tar Sands Blockade reports that Stein had helped successfully to resupply tree-sitters in Sacul and Winnsboro, Texas, protesting preliminary land clearance for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, now in their 38th day. Stein was arrested and taken to Wood County Jail.

jill stein tar sands blockade photoTar Sands Blockade/CC BY 2.0

Stein said:

The climate is taking this election by storm, breaking the silence of the Obama and Romney campaigns that have been bought and paid for by the oil, coal and gas companies. Hurricane Sandy is just a taste of what's to come under the climate destroying policies of Romney and Obama. We must stand up now and call for climate solutions and green prosperity. The blockaders are heroes. They are on the front line of stopping even worse climate storms in the future."

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