"GMO OMG" documentary explores one of the biggest issues of our generation

screenshot for GMO OMG
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GMO OMG is the next documentary you want to put on your to-watch list. Coming out on September 13th, the film by Jeremy Seifert explores a topic that ranks up there as one of the biggest of our lifetime, along with plastic pollution and, you know, global warming. Genetically Modified Organisms and omg! what does it mean for our food, our health, and our economy. Specifically, it "explores the systematic corporate takeover and potential loss of humanity’s most precious and ancient inheritance: seeds."

It asks the rather terrifying question, "Has the global food system been irrevocably hijacked?"

Check out the screenings list for when you can catch it, and here's the trailer:

SFist summarizes it thus: "GMO OMG looks to combine the hip, stylized feel of Food Inc. with the antics of Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock, judging by the trailer, in which filmmaker Jeremy Seifert tries to order a GMO-free meal from McDonald's, interviews people on Venice Beach about what GMO means, and tries unsuccessfully to get an interview with Monsanto by walking into their headquarters. Could this be the next Super Size Me? We'll see."

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