Fugitive Paul Watson Surfaces, Says "I Must Serve My Clients, The Whales"

paul watson sea shepherd photo© Eric Cheng/Sea Shepherd

Mat has has described how Sea Shepherd Founder Paul Watson Violated Bail, Whereabouts Unknown. Now he has surfaced in the pages of the Guardian, saying I must serve my clients, the whales.

Watson writes about his last eight years of fighting against Japanese whaling operations, and their campaign to shut him up:

During this time our ships and crew have been shot at, rammed, one of them sliced in two and destroyed by a Japanese security vessel. At the same time, our tactics have been strategically designed to not cause injury or property damage and to stay within the boundaries of the law.

Most importantly, every Sea Shepherd action has been thoroughly documented for the Animal Planet show, Whale Wars. Although this provides us with the evidence to defend ourselves against bogus accusations, it has also been a source of embarrassment for the Japanese government.

Although he has been in hiding, Watson plans to return to his ships and continue the fight.

The question now is what should I do from the safe haven I currently occupy?

There is only one answer. I have no choice but to continue to serve my clients, the whales. I can do that far better at the helm of the Steve Irwin commanding the Sea Shepherd fleet of four ships, aircraft and my intrepid crews than I can defending myself from bogus charges by Japan.

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Fugitive Paul Watson Surfaces, Says "I Must Serve My Clients, The Whales"
He's going to avoid arrest by staying at sea as long as possible

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