Extreme Weather & Climate Change in 2012: The Greatest Hits (Video)

Okay, so everybody's probably getting a little tired of this stuff—record-breaking heat, record-breaking wildfires = it's time to talk climate change—but this is truly a must-see video on the topic.

It's a finely produced compilation of extreme weather and climate coverage from the last couple months that provides an ideal overview for anyone who hasn't been keeping track. It was put together by Peter Sinclair, Yale's expert climate denial debunker.

And a special note to climate change naysayers and comment board trolls, who appear to have gotten even creepier than usual—one of which has begun posting comments about my facial hair—and who sometimes accuse me of hyperbole or spreading "outright lies": Just watch the video. Those are scientists, meteorologists, newscasters, and they're all saying precisely the same things that I have for the last couple weeks. (Also, thanks for reading!)

I too wish that the still-growing concentration of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere didn't impact the global climate system, that we weren't seeing "a window into what global warming looks like," as one climate scientist put it. But we are. And I know this stuff is hard to internalize, that it's deeply unpleasant. It's also the reality we're going to be living with for the coming decades. It's time to face up, ladies and gents.

Extreme Weather & Climate Change in 2012: The Greatest Hits (Video)
Here's a great video compilation exploring the extreme heat, wildfires, and storms of the year so far, as well as their relationship to climate change,.

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