Evangelical Group Frames EPA's Proposed Mercury Emissions Control Rule As 'Pro-Life'

Whirling Dervishes

I knew USEPA had the right intentions when it came to regulating coal but it looks like they are considered Godly in this regard by some. Michigan Live reports that a Christian Evangelical Environmental group is supporting USEPA's recently-proposed rule for mercury emission reductions. This is a regulation that would affect mainly coal fired industrial boilers and coal burning power plants and therefore is hotly opposed by Congressional Republicans. The campaigning Evangelicals see the rule as 'pro-life' and suggest that 'Christians should embrace it to protect unborn children.'

I would love to watch a presidential campaign debate in which Wolf Blitzer asks Newt Gingrich if it is necessary to protect the unborn by further regulating coal emissions. Love it...but it's not going to happen, of course.

Over the years I've come across analogous campaigns, like the one which blamed certain industrial chemicals for causing lowered male sperm counts. (Given that earth's human population is accelerating to the 7 billion mark, that would be a good thing, if there were no other serious counter-indications.)

And, I've been waiting for some researcher to implicate synthetic substances in feminizing men. Wait, that already happened? Must have been so busy putting on my makeup I missed that posting. (Google: chemicals feminizing men.) and you'll see plenty of it.

Get your Whirling Dervish on.
With climate change long ago spun by fossil fuel-funded Think Tanks as 'good for plants because they need CO2' and closing USEPA down posited as 'good for the environment because industry will never pollute once government gets out of the way' this interesting tangent by Evangelicals should come as no surprise. It follows a well lit path marked by the learned discipline of Republican policy spin, marked with populist sound bytes.

Evangelical Group Frames EPA's Proposed Mercury Emissions Control Rule As 'Pro-Life'
christian evangelical group frames EPA's regulation of coal emissions as a "pro-life" issue

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