EPA gears up for government shutdown

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The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to be largely closed in the event of a federal government shutdown. At a press event this morning, EPA chief Gina McCarthy said although she's planning to work, most of the agency's employees will be furloughed. The Hill reports:

“The vast majority of people at EPA will not be working,” she said. “I think it’s safe to say that I will be, but beyond that I don’t have the details.”

The warning comes as lawmakers in the House and Senate debate legislation that would keep the government running past the end of September, when current funding will run out.

McCarthy said that a small group of EPA officials would stay on the job “to keep the lights on and to respond in the event of a significant emergency,” but that most of the agency’s 17,000 employees would be sent home.

The New York Times reports that 94 percent of the EPA's employees will be staying home. Superfund project managers will be among those still reporting to work.

Food inspectors, parks employees, and researchers working on renewable energy are also among the federal employees staying at home in the event of a shutdown.

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EPA gears up for government shutdown
The Environmental Protection Agency will be largely closed in face of a federal government shutdown.

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