Real, Live Republican Climate Advocates Implore GOP to Face Reality (Video)

gop climate hawksMother Jones/Screen capture

Behold: I present to you irrefutable, 100% verified videographic evidence that Republicans who understand the threat posed by climate change – and want public policy to address it – do indeed exist.

The proof comes in the form of a fine piece of video journalism put together by Mother Jones and the Climate Desk project, which is a collaboration between a number of science and environmental news outlets. James West recently made trails to New Hampshire, where the GOP candidates are campaigning ferociously to prepare for the state's primary. He tracked down a number of Republicans who were hoping to spur Romney, Huntsman, Santorum and co. to address global warming, and to demonstrate that there are energized folks in their party who are dismayed by how it regards climate issues.


Bear in mind that the United States is just about the only country in the world where denying climate change outright is politically acceptable. That being the case, if I were a science-respecting conservative, I too would be aghast at how shamefully the GOP has kowtowed to industrial interests and anti-government Tea Party factions – so it should come as no surprise that the party is indeed alienating longtime supporters for its increasingly anti-science views.

Real, Live Republican Climate Advocates Implore GOP to Face Reality (Video)
Videographic evidence that conservative climate hawks do exist ...

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