Emma Thompson calls for a ban on oil drilling and industrial fishing in the Arctic

Save the Arctic campaign
via Greenpeace

Actors Emma Thompson and Michelle Thrush are traveling with their daughters to the North Pole, as part of a Greenpeace campaign to create an international sanctuary in the Arctic.

The habitat surrounding the North Pole is not only threatened by global warming and melting ice, but this landscape is further under pressure from the fossil fuel industry and overfishing. According to Greenpeace, “Instead of seeing the melting ice as a warning the oil companies sees it as a business opportunity.”

The campaign is calling for a ban on oil drilling and commercial fishing in the Arctic. Thompson and Thrush are “calling all humans” to support these goals.

Today is their first day in the Arctic. Of course, no celebrity awareness campaign would be complete without “a spot of Instagramming” as Thompson puts it. The campaign will be documented by the Twitter account @savethearctic, the Greenpeace Instagram account, and on the IntoTheArctic.gp website. The campaign is also collecting signatures to petition for the creation of a nature sanctuary.

The two actresses and their daughters hope to show the world “what’s at stake” in the Arctic, should drilling start.

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