Pianist's poignant concert on Arctic ice calls for protected sanctuary (Video)

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We know that the melting of Arctic sea ice is accelerating, and that's it's probably going to get worse before it will get better. But it's possible to change trajectory, if millions of "us" get passionate enough about preserving what is left, and sometimes, what speaks to that passionate part of us is not statistics, but music.

Perhaps that's why this video of renowned Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi playing a heartfelt musical piece in the Arctic is so effective: it sends a message straight past the rational brain and right to heart, where it matters (because if you don't care about something, you can't save it). Watch this Elegy for the Arctic, which Einaudi composed and performed specifically for this short film:

GreenpeaceGreenpeace/Video screen capture

This moving performance was done to raise awareness about this week's OSPAR Commission gathering in Tenerife, Spain, where international delegates are meeting to decide on a proposal to safeguard 10 percent (226,150 square kilometers) of the Arctic. It may seem like the common sense thing to do, but according to Greenpeace, Denmark, Iceland and Norway are three countries that are attempting to block this proposal to protect this "new ocean" that is opening up due to climate change, the "least protected sea in the world", even though the proposed area would be in international waters. The aim is to now get enough people to notice, to care and to act to protect the Arctic from unsustainable practices like oil drilling and industrial fishing, says Einaudi:

I could see the purity and fragility of this area with my own eyes and interpret a song I wrote to be played upon the best stage in the world. It is important that we understand the importance of the Arctic, stop the process of destruction and protect it.

GreenpeaceGreenpeace/Video screen capture

We are all affected by these huge changes that are happening in far-off places all over the globe. The aim of the Save The Arctic campaign is to create a protected Arctic Sanctuary; you can sign the petition here and read more over at Greenpeace.

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