A DIY Gun Rack Proves Newt Gingrich Knows Nothing About Environmentalism

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Stumping in Oklahoma, Newt Gingrich has found a new favorite target for his blowhard rhetoric: the Chevy Volt. In the video below, he rattles off a lot of numbers that don't have much logical connection between them, then gets to his real point: "You can't put a gun rack in a Volt." Unless it turns out you can.

As this video from J.T. McDole proves, it's perfectly possible to put a gun rack in the trunk of a Volt. Of course, if someone confronted Gingrich with the video, he would likely say that he was speaking figuratively. But in reality, he was speaking thoughtlessly, or, worse, dishonestly: it doesn't matter if the mud you sling is real mud, as long as it hits. Here's Newt:

Every politician panders to his or her base, and much of what is said in campaigns is exaggerated or heavily spun. But McCole's video, which I love for its matter of fact presentation, puts it in perspective. Gingrich attacks small electric cars because they are supported by Democrats and President Obama, and promises to bring gas prices down to $2.50/gallon. But if he's so blatantly wrong about the gun rack comment, what can he get right?

Once upon a time, Gingrich worked with Nancy Pelosi to call for action on climate change and "spark the innovation we need." But for Gingrich and the other contenders for the Republican nomination, environmentalists have become a boogeyman, ripe for attack. Now he's given up innovation for "Drill, Baby, Drill," whether or not it can actually lower gas prices (it can't).

83% of Americans believe climate change is real; 71% say that tackling the problem should be a priority. But when you need to pander to the right, it's "Deny, Baby, Deny."

By the way, Newt, you can put a gun rack on a bike, too.

NB: if you're feeling inspired and want to build a gun rack for your own vehicle (Volt or otherwise), make sure to check your state regulations first, and note the dangers of driving with firearms.

A DIY Gun Rack Proves Newt Gingrich Knows Nothing About Environmentalism
If Newt Gingrich is so wrong about putting gun racks in Chevy Volts, what is he right about?

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