Directionless and Mindless Toronto City Council Rescinds Proposed Plastic Bag Ban

In July I wrote that Toronto is First Large Canadian City To Ban The Plastic Bag, And Rob Ford Is The Greenest Toronto Mayor Ever when Mayorish Rob Ford wanted to get rid of the 5 cent bag tax, and Council ended up almost accidentally banning plastic bags entirely.

Then the Plastic People got angry and the Ontario Convenience Stores Association filed a lawsuit, and City Council folded. After hearing "confidential evidence from the City Solicitor", council folded, 38 to 7.

So now we have no bag tax, no bag ban, and Rob Ford can notch up another victory when he is barely even mayor. After all, as his brother, Doug the Thug, Mr. Free Market, notes about a 5 cent charge, "We can't let the retailers make a profit off the taxpayers" by selling bags instead of giving them away.

Even without Rob Ford, we are so screwed here in Toronto. I don't usually do infographics but this one says it all.


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