Debunking Paul Ryan's energy budget

Paul Ryan released his new budget yesterday. Tiffany Germain at Think Progress lists Eight Things Paul Ryan Wishes You Didn’t Know About His Energy Budget, concluding:

Not only does the Ryan budget spread misinformation by reiterating the GOP talking points, it also fails to address the most pressing environmental issue facing us today: the multifaceted impacts of climate change. In 2011-2012, the 25 most severe extreme weather events caused over $188 billion dollars in damage across the country. Ryan also attacks the administration for supporting the Environmental Protection Agency’s right to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, claiming the EPA would be abusing the powers granted under current law. The Wall Street Journal noted that his budget is “almost identical” to the rejected Romney/Ryan platform – a plan for the future that Americans did not choose.

Her eight points are too long to quote here, but they are a good rebuttal to the talking points Republicans like to use to attack clean energy investments. Read the rest.

Steven Mufson at The Washington Post looks into the two solar projects Ryan derides as “the latest ill-fated ventures” to receive federal loans and finds that they "are alive and well":

The first is Solar Reserve’s solar tower in Nevada, which is under construction, on time and slightly under budget, with about 450 people on the job. More than a dozen business groups from around the world have come to take tours and view the technology.

The second is Sempra Energy’s Mesquite Solar complex, 40 miles west of Phoenix, where the first phase of construction was completed in December. In January, the complex started generating electricity, which will be sold to Pacific Gas & Electric under a 20-year contract.

Wait, do Republicans just dislike clean energy because they have no idea what they are talking about? It makes so much more sense now.

Debunking Paul Ryan's energy budget
Think Progress has a good debunking of eight energy-related issues in Paul Ryan's fiscal year 2014 budget.