Dear World, we're actually not giving up on Paris

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Dear World,

Please excuse the blip of science-denying showboating absurdity over the Paris Climate Agreement currently issuing from Washington, DC, we hope to have the problem solved shortly (or at least by 2020). In the meantime, please know that it is an isolated error and doesn't represent all of the country. In fact, a veritable groundswell of states, cities, businesses and schools have declared their intention of honoring the agreement, even if the big guy with little hands thinks that the American economy is more important than sustaining life on Earth.

Not only do we have Michael "That's What Leadership Looks Like" Bloomberg pledging $15 million to support the U.N. agency that helps countries implement the agreement, but we also have, as of today, 1,219 governors, mayors, businesses, investors, and colleges and universities who have signed an open letter to declare that "we will continue to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement."

And this isn't like a meaningless petition shared around on social media, these are big players, like really big! Signatories include leaders from 125 cities, 9 states, 902 businesses and investors, and 183 colleges and universities in total. Participating cities and states represent 120 million Americans and contribute $6.2 trillion to the U.S. economy, including California, New York and Oregon and cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Houston as well as smaller cities like Pittsburgh and Dubuque.

And while "someone" seems to thinks that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is bad for business, businesses and investors who have signed the statement account for a total annual revenue of $1.4 trillion and include over 20 Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, eBay, Gap Inc., Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Nike, in addition to hundreds of small businesses. (We're guessing that these businesses understand that you have to have actual living customers to stay in business.)

So World, please know that while some people are cluelessly fumbling around Washington with a whole lot of exhausting bluster, the momentum and dedication to pursuing ambitious climate goals will be maintained – and in fact, probably with more zest and zeal than ever.


The Rest of Us

(Read the "We Are Still" open letter and see the signatories here.)

Dear World, we're actually not giving up on Paris
125 US cities, 9 states, 902 businesses, and 183 schools so far have all signed a declaration promising to honor the Paris Climate Agreement.

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