Costa Rica runs 100% renewable for 113 days in a row

Costa Rica
CC BY 2.0 Arturo Sotillo/flickr

Costa Rica just ran its electricity grid for 113 days in a row entirely on renewable energy. Using a mix of wind, solar and its abundant supply of geothermal energy (a nice boon for anyone wanting to have dispatchable renewables!), this small nation is proving that fossil fuels are no longer necessary to keep the lights on.

That's just one snippet of news from Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged news update, which also includes some cool information about gigantic, 180-meter (590-feet) high, 8MW wind turbines which are being positioned off the coast of France; Tesla Powerwalls being installed in Australia; and the fact that insurance companies are beginning to provide coverage for autonomous electric vehicles.

wind turbine fully charged photoFully Charged /Video screen capture
There's not that much that's entirely new here to a TreeHugger audience, but I share it because:

A) I recently said that Fully Charged was mostly about Teslas. It's clearly about much more than that.
B) Costa Rica running on 100% renewables for so long is pretty freaking cool!
C) Robert Llewellyn makes a "wind" joke. I'm British. I like wind jokes.

Costa Rica runs 100% renewable for 113 days in a row
And other cool news from Fully Charged...

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