Costa Rica to Ban Sport Hunting

Chicago Tribune reports that Costa Rica, widely lauded as being one of the greenest (and happiest) nations out there, has provisionally approved the first law in Central America to ban hunting for sport.

The reforms to its existing Wildlife Conservation Law would still permit subsistence hunting, hunting of animals for scientific research, and sport fishing.

The move is aimed at preserving the country's biodiversity, a major draw for tourists—tourism is 5% of Costa Rica's GDP.

A second vote on the measure, likely bringing it into effect, is expected to be taken soon.

And, cue nanny state comments... but really, is killing animals simply for the fun and challenge of doing so, when food and/or survival isn't involved, something worth supporting anyplace?

Now, if Costa Rica could also crack down and enforce existing laws against shark finning.

Costa Rica to Ban Sport Hunting
Exceptions will be made for subsistence hunting and fishing.

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