Connecticut Fears Monsanto - Bill to Label GM Ingredients Dead Due to Lawsuit Worries

Remember all the cheering when Connecticut legislators proposed a bill requiring the labeling of genetically modified ingredients in food? Well, you can start booing. Loudly.

As the Fairfield Green Food Guide reports, legislators have gotten cold feet, removing the entire part of the bill requiring labeling of the GM ingredients, fearing lawsuit by the big corporate behemoth Monsanto.

Representative Richard Roy, one of the bill's original sponsors says,

The labeling provision was eliminated from the bill due to fears that it opened the state up to a lawsuit. The attorneys for the leadership and Governor's office felt the Constitutional rights of Monsanto gave them the power to successfully sue the state. Their main duty was to protect the welfare of the state.

Weak willed trembling nebbishness, your epitome is here.

Protecting the welfare of the state? Very nearly every other developed nation in the world mandates the labeling of genetically modified ingredients, but not the United States, that nation wholly in the hands of corporations, to the point that states fear them as being more powerful.

Recently, Vermont had planned on labeling GM ingredients but too backed off over threat of lawsuit of Monsanto.

As the oft-shared Facebook protest photo proclaims, if Monsanto is so proud of it's genetically modified products why are they afraid to label them? Their usual talking point is that they are no different than the non-genetically modified version, at least in terms of safety. Forget the fact that Monsanto very actively opposes independent tests on its products, and those tests that have been independently done at minimum raise very serious questions about GM crops safety for humans, with harm to the environment in terms of development of super weeds and resistant pests solidly proven.

Oh, I know why biotech firms oppose labeling in the US: Because over half of people would not buy a GM food, if they knew that's what it was — and a nearly 90% of people want to know.

As for the constitutionality worries, FGFG quotes Tara Cook-Littman, of Right to Know CT:

The constitutional argument is absurd, and everyone knows it. As long as Connecticut lawmakers had a legitimate state interest that was reasonable related to the labeling of products produced from the process of genetic engineering, the GMO labeling bill would be considered constitutional by any court of law. It appears that the biotech industry's influence was in place all along, waiting for this tactic to be deployed at the last minute, with no time to argue before the vote.

I have to say I can barely contain my rage over this.

Make no mistake who controls the United States. It is not the people. Nor is it the 1%, at least on a personal level. It is the corporations, and this is just one further example of it.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Oh wait, corporations in all their psychopathy feel no shame.

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