Confederation of British Industry: "Environmental Regulation Doesn't Have to be a Burden"

From vowing that Britain would not lead the world with CO2 cuts, to spearheading a hasty review of feed-in tariffs that left the solar industry reeling, George Osborne, the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, has not won many friends in green circles. But now he's facing opposition from a somewhat unlikely quarter.

Business Green reports that The Confederation of British Industry (CBI), an organization that represents 200,000 British businesses (including 80% of FTSE 100 companies), has issued its most strongly-worded rebuke so far of Osborne for his attempts to paint environmental regulation as counterproductive:

Speaking at a conference in London this morning on resource efficiency hosted by the CBI and the Green Alliance think tank, CBI deputy director-general Dr Neil Bentley, did not explicitly challenge Osborne's comments, but in a carefully worded speech he argued that green policies were not inherently a "burden". "Environmental regulation doesn't have to be a burden for business," he said. "Framed correctly, environmental goals can help our economic goals - help start new companies and generate new jobs and enrich us all.

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