China's Premier wants to declare "war on pollution" as smog becomes extra horrible

China smog
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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made remarks about the country's huge pollution problems during what could be described as China’s equivalent of the State of the Union address in the US. He said pollution is a "major problem" and he wants the government to “‘declare war’’ on smog by removing high-emission cars from the road and closing coal-fired furnaces.

Pollution is ‘‘nature’s red-light warning against the model of inefficient and blind development,’’ Li said today in his work report at the start of this year’s National People’s Congress in Beijing. ‘‘Fostering a sound ecological environment is vital for people’s lives and the future of our nation.”

China will fight smog with the same determination it battled poverty and all society should “act more vigorously to protect the land our lives depend upon,” Li said. (source)

Not a moment too soon, and hopefully this isn't just empty rhetoric because, as we recently mentioned, China's smog is getting close to 'nuclear winter' bad...

What China has to do is not so different from what the U.S. had to do at an earlier phase of its development. The so-called 'coal laws' in the 1940s became necessary because air quality was just terrible. See for yourself.

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