Career employee to NC environment head: "Take this job and shove it."

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When North Carolina banned planners from using scientific projections of sea level rise, environmentalists shook their heads. When NC State Representative Glen Bradley set out to eradicate the word "sustainability", we rolled our eyes. And when the full extent of the anti-environmental agenda of the current administration came to light, we shuddered.

This was an all out assault on much of the environmental progress that's been made so far. At least that's how we TreeHuggers saw it.

And it would seem that at least one former career employee of NC's Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) would agree with us.

Here's just a small snippet of a strongly worded resignation email that the employee (full name withheld) sent to her boss John Skvarla, in response to his Labor Day message:

When you pushed our reasonable, right-leaning WQ [Water Quality] Director out, I knew we were in trouble. When you guys (and they are mostly guys...) pushed out a very thoughtful and judicial Environmental Management Commission chair, I knew we were moving into a sand pit that we weren't going to dig out of easily. When you, along with your "great Tom Reeder", decided to cleave off the stormwater programs and move it to Land Resources, who have never been trained for such..nor do they much care about WQ, I knew it was time to leave.

The employee notes that during her 24 years of service at DENR she's served under numerous administrations with no problem, and has worked with "some of the most intelligent, articulate, and respected environmental scientists and engineers." But she felt the disdain shown to these folks (and her) by the McRory administration was simply "too much to bear." (The full wording of the email can be read over at Indy Week.)

The email continues by noting that the economy will no doubt improve in the coming years, and the administration may well get the credit, but when droughts, hot summers and fish kills return it will be the DENR, not the politicians, which have to shoulder the blame.

To cap it all off, the disgruntled employee shares a YouTube video for her colleagues who are unable to move on, before "gathering up her loin cloth and toothbrush and heading out the door".

Somebody buy this lady a beer. She's earned it.

Career employee to NC environment head: "Take this job and shove it."
There are resignation letters. And then there are resignation letters. This one might be the best one ever.

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