California Governor Signs 19 Renewable Energy Bills Into Law

California is among the only states in our fair nation to take climate policy seriously; it's recently embarked on its own cap-and-trade program to reduce carbon emissions. It's also the only state with powerful enough energy efficiency laws to keep its general electricity consumption static during a period that the other 49 saw theirs double. Bottom line; CA is ahead of the game on good green governance.

Today's spate of renewable-friendly bills only furthers that point.

Here's the LA Times (via Grist):

Gov. Jerry Brown signed 19 bills Thursday aimed at making it easier to provide renewable energy and conserve power in California. The bills include a measure by Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) that directs the state to coordinate implementation of policies advancing energy security with the Department of Defense.

“The health of the environment, job creation and indeed, the security of the nation, depend on how we end America’s dangerous addiction to foreign oil,” Brown said after signing SB 1409. “California and the U.S. military are working together to build a clean energy future and this bill helps make sure it happens.”

Brown also signed SB 1222 by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), which seeks to encourage the installation of rooftop solar energy systems on homes by limiting residential permit fees charged by cities and counties to the cost of providing the permits.

There were 17 others, including one that OK'd facilities producing biomethane to qualify under the state's renewable energy mandates.

Encouraging stuff; it demonstrates that California is actively and functionally tweaking its clean energy policies for maximum impact — and that there's a high level of cooperation at the state level that enables it to do so. Expect some of the nation's best cleantech innovation and strongest renewable markets to develop in California; one of the few states that seems to fully grasp what good energy governance looks like.

California Governor Signs 19 Renewable Energy Bills Into Law
That's nineteen more than governors signed in the rest of the nation.

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