CA Senator Wants Warning Labels on Reusable Bags: "Can Cause Serious Illness, Cancer"

State senator Tony Strickland has boldly set to out to protect Californians from a great menace.

From the California League of Conservation Voters:

State Senator Tony Strickland has introduced a bill, SB 1106, that would require the following warning label on all reusable bags:

“WARNING: Reusable bags must be cleaned and disinfected between uses to prevent food cross contamination. Failure to do so can cause serious illness, cancer, or birth defects resulting from food-borne pathogens. Once used for other purposes, reusable bags should not be used for carrying groceries.”

If we're not careful, reusable shopping bags will kill us all.

Thank goodness there are those still willing to stand up to the looming threat of reusable bags. Those who speak truth to power. Those who have most certainly not taken campaign donations from the plastic bag manufacturers lobby, and who are definitely not swayed by the phony studies they sponsor.

Thank goodness Tony Strickland is not playing cheap politics and is not advancing his noble reusable bag warning label legislation just to attack his opponent, Assemblymember Julia Brownley, who authored a statewide plastic bag ban.

Thank goodness Strickland has seen right through all that trivial fluff that other California lawmakers waste their time tackling—crippling budget shortfalls, high unemployment rates, harmful air pollution, growing water shortages—and has set his sights on the most pressing villain of our times: reusable bags.

Thank goodness there are still heroes.

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