Animal rights group aims to protect geese in NYC from slaughter

goose on the water
CC BY 2.0 Flickr

Since 2009, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has regularly rounded up Canada geese around New York and slaughtered them. This effort to control the goose population occurs when the birds are temporarily flightless during their summertime molt.

The animal rights group GooseWatch NYC is trying to raise awareness about this annual killing and stop the practice. Andy Cush's profile of the group for Animal New York raises questions about how the effective the group's efforts have been:

"GooseWatch began in May of last year, and thus far, neither Karopkin nor any of his volunteers have encountered a roundup in progress while on patrol. Karopkin notifies the USDA when and where patrols will happen, with the hope that it may stop agents from coming out. Officially, volunteers are not instructed to actually intervene–cell phone photos and recordings are encouraged–but off the books, it’s a different story."

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