85% of Americans Want Better Environmental Coverage. Let the Media Know.

The environment affects all of us: our life quality, our business sustainability, our economic fortunes. But the environment is not news. In fact, "news coverage of environmental issues fell from 2% in 2010 to 1% in 2011," according to the Project for Improved Environmental Coverage.

You may not be aware of the environmental journalism problem, because you have a great source for all your environmental news. Alternatively, you may lose sleep at night worrying that until environmental stories get consistent, mainstream coverage, we are just a few oddballs banging our heads into the wall.

Either way, if you agree something needs to be done, add your voice to the Vision for Improved Environmental News Coverage. The vision, developed by a group of environmental journalism professionals, rests on four pillars:

  1. Integrate the environmental angle into other stories and make that connection explicit
  2. Make environmental stories appealing to a larger cross section of society
  3. Focus more on solutions
  4. Increase the visibility of environmental stories

If you want to see or contribute to improved environmental literacy through better media coverage of the issues, join in by signing the Vision for Improved Environmental News Coverage.

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