Agenda 21 Update: Tinfoil Hats in Iowa, Republicans Fight Back

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Republican legislators in Iowa are backing a bill that would " prohibit state and local governments in Iowa from supporting or implementing “sustainable development practices” outlined in the U.N.’s Agenda 21." The 1992 document outlines practices that are dear to the heart of every TreeHugger (See TreeHugger here) but scare them in the Hawkeye state. Representative Ralph Watts tells Radio Iowa:

“There’s some signals out there that we need to be concerned about. This is not tinfoil hat stuff, I guarantee you,” Watts said this morning. “A lot of people haven’t focused on it. They really aren’t aware of it, but it’s very real.”

Watts continues speaking from the drought-stricken state:

"I came into the legislature 11 years ago and one of the hot topics then was the discussion of climate change and over the years I’ve researched that issue and come to realize a long time ago that the issue of climate science, climate change has nothing to do with climate or science,” Watts said. “It has to do with the control of resources and the control of private property rights when you get right down to the basics of it."

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Meanwhile, David Frum finds a conservative Republican and former mayor willing to challenge the Agenders. Rob Sisson is quoted:

Have we entered some parallel universe where saving tax dollars and conserving natural resources has become a UN plot against American liberties? Apparently so....

As Mayor, Sisson "implemented several sustainable practices that resulted in substantial savings to taxpayers" including green roofs and natural drainage systems. Yet he calls himself a "real conservative." He concludes:

Even my beloved Republican National Committee approved the following plank in its 2012 platform: “We strongly reject the U.N. Agenda 21 as being erosive of American sovereignty.” Lowering costs and conserving resources is always a good idea - even if the UN agrees. Can we all please get real?

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Agenda 21 Update: Tinfoil Hats in Iowa, Republicans Fight Back
It's Crazytown in Des Moines as Republicans fight Soviet style collectivism, AKA sustainable development

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