Agenda 21 Update: Prospective Senator Cruz From Texas is An Agender

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Robin Rather of Collective Strength in Austin, Texas thinks the Agenda 21 phenomenon is manufactured, telling me "People don't wake up in the morning sweating bullets about the United Nations". But she now probably is getting a senator who thinks otherwise. Ted Cruz, the new Republican nominee for the Senate from Texas, takes Agenda 21 very seriously. He writes on his blog, in Stop Agenda 21: The Constitution should be our only “Agenda.”

Agenda 21 is wrong, and it must be stopped....

The originator of this grand scheme is George Soros, who candidly supports socialism and believes that global development must progress through eliminating national sovereignty and private property. He has given millions to this project. But he is not the only one promoting this plan; in fact, the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) now consists of over 600 cities in the United States.

Agenda 21 attempts to abolish “unsustainable” environments, including golf courses, grazing pastures, and paved roads. It hopes to leave mother earth’s surface unscratched by mankind. Everyone wants clean water and clean air, but Agenda 21 dehumanizes individuals by removing the very thing that has defined Americans since the beginning—our freedom.....

In the U.S. Senate, I intend to continue leading the fight, to stop Agenda 21 and any other globalist plan that tries to subvert the U.S. Constitution and the liberties we all cherish as Americans.

Mother Jones notes that he is against a few other things, and that he is pretty much a shoo-in for the seat in the Senate. I was going to embed an interview of Cruz by Glenn Beck where they are discussing Agenda 21 but it was too vile. Mother Jones did, so give them the pageviews by at least going here first.

Agenda 21 Update: Prospective Senator Cruz From Texas is An Agender
Is this conspiracy theory a sideshow, or does it have legs?

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