Agenda 21 Update: The battle in the bike lanes

Agenda 21
CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter: Jarvis Street bike lane

It's long been known that cyclists are shock troops for Agenda 21, the UN campaign to take away our cars and pack us all into tiny apartments. Now that we are in the election cycle, Agenda 21 is in the news again. In South Carolina, the Republican party chairman is complaining about a bike lane in Charleston.

Sustainability is a buzzword that you hear about all the time, and you hear about how they want mass transit and people riding bikes to work," he said. "Blocking a lane of traffic coming in to Charleston from West Ashley to create a bike lane is an example of that thinking. A vocal minority is pushing that," said Steinberger. "We want the freedom to drive our car and work on our schedule and do the things needed to carry on with our daily lives."

A resident complains in a Charleston paper: "They try to make it very uncomfortable for people to use their cars. It's destroyed Portland, Oregon."

Meanwhile in Iowa:

The Republican candidate for the Senate is an agender. Joni Ernst is quoted in the Raw Story, warning that Agenda 21 was a plot to eliminate rural and suburban living.

what I’ve seen, the implications that it has here is moving people off of their agricultural land and consolidating them into city sectors and then telling them, ‘You don’t have property rights anymore.

And north of the border:

gallantCheryl Gallant/Screen capture

Cheryl Gallant, a sitting member of Parliament in the ruling Conservative Party, is an Agender. She writes:

Human habitation, as it is referred to in Agenda 21, would be restricted to lands within the “Urban Growth Boundaries” of a city like Ottawa. Only certain building designs are permitted. .... County roads will not get paved. The push will be for people to get off of the land, become more dependent, and go into the cities. People will have to move from private homes and into single dwellings like apartments, as homeownership will become largely unaffordable the way it is in many urban areas like Toronto today. More extreme measures like a federal liberal carbon tax will force people out of private cars and onto public transit that only exists in cities.

I wonder how many other Conservatives share that view.

See also in the Raw Story: Tea partiers seriously believe in secret UN plan to turn us all into hipsters

Agenda 21 Update: The battle in the bike lanes
It's the election cycle, and Agenda 21 has become an issue.

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