87% of world citizens support carbon tax

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One of my neighbors has an interesting bumper sticker on his gas burning car: "Carbon tax me"

It's an admirable plea, but I've always wondered how politically feasible a carbon tax is, even when a majority of Americans apparently support a carbon tax. If a new survey commissioned by the French government is to be believed, however, over 87% of the world's population supports some form of carbon tax as a means to tackle climate change.

As reported by Business Green, that's not the only sign that the world is ready—very ready—for nations to start taking the fight against climate change seriously. Among other highlights, this poll of 10,000 people from 79 countries included the following insights:

• Fewer than 2% were not at all worried about climate change
• 71% felt UN climate talks have failed to do enough on climate since 1992
• 80% want their country to cut emissions, even if other countries fail to do so
• 63% say the world should do "whatever it takes" to keep within a 2 degree limit

To be honest, these numbers are so overwhelmingly leaning toward decisive action that I wondered whether this was a group of self-selected environmentalists. It would seem not, however, if this part of the survey's methods page is correct:

The core of the method is to have citizens at multiple sites debate the same policy related questions relating to a given issue on the same day. The standard is to have 100 citizens participating at each site, selected to reflect the demographic diversity in their country or region with regards to age, gender, occupation, education, geographical zone of residency, and membership of environmental organisations.

What is relevant, however, is that participants are first given comprehensive, scientifically vetted information on the matters at hand. In other words, give people some actual facts and they tend to support urgent and comprehensive climate action.

Who knew? I wonder if Australia's politicians are paying attention.

87% of world citizens support carbon tax
A poll of 10,000 world citizens suggests a huge majority want urgent climate action.

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