Grow Food in Your Kitchen With These Fun Indoor Gardening Kits

©. Back to the Roots -- The organic mushroom farm is a popular indoor gardening kit.

Made by a company called Back to the Roots, you can grow tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, microgreens and more with minimal hassle.

The weather is cold outside, but that shouldn't stop you from gardening. An interesting company called Back to the Roots sells a number of indoor gardening kits that make it very easy to add fresh-grown produce to your diet and a splash of green color to your window or countertop.

There are several options available. The Garden-in-a-Can herb set includes organic seeds for basil, cilantro, mint, and sage, as well as organic soil and a special biochar mix, which "lets you grow from the can without draining. No chemicals, no transplanting, and no messy drainage holes." You can get the herb set in glass Mason jars, if you prefer.

garden-in-a-can herb set

© Back to the Roots

There are a number of self-watering plants, as well. These use a large glass jar, organic soil, biochar, and a miniature clay olla pot, which you only have to fill with water once a week. From the website:

"This porous pot is an adaptation of an ancient technique used by desert farmers for thousands of years which sits inside the planter slowly releases water as the soil dries up for even and consistent watering."
self-watering plant with olla pot

© Back to the Roots -- Closeup of the miniature clay olla pot that self-waters plants

Perhaps most curious is the Water Garden, which offers a closeup view of aquaponics -- particularly great for kids. It features a 3-gallon fish tank, with room for a small fish to live below and a leafy crop of microgreens and wheatgrass to grow on top. It relies on a symbiotic relationship to function, where the fish's waste fertilizes the plants and the plants' roots clean the water.

Water Garden

© Back to the Roots -- The Water Garden, with a betta fish below and wheatgrass and radish microgreens above

All products are designed and manufactured in the United States. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping on orders over $35.

Whether you do this at home or in a classroom, it's a great way to keep fresh flavor and nutrition in your diet with minimal effort, and to teach young ones about where food comes from.