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    Semi-Celebrity Endorsed Windpower

    May 3, 7:30 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    Does this mean semi-famous TreeHuggers will also be asked to

  • oniell solar backpack.jpg

    O'Neill Solar backpack

    May 2, 2:30 PM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    it is definitely not "the first solar backpack", and we are very fond of our sponsor Voltaic, but we do like the iPod integration in the strap (click on pictures to enlarge) Combine this with a pac-safe anti-theft device for backpacks and maybe fewer New

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    Energetech's wave energy

    April 29, 11:10 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    I thought maybe I'd fallen asleep in front of the TV and woken up to an ancient episode of Star Trek, but alas no. These guys at Energetech are serious about their 'ultracapacitors', 'waveform zero crossings', 'transducers' and 'parabolic

  • fusiondriveguys.jpg

    Hand Held Neutron Beams and Fusion Drives

    April 29, 7:34 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    No, it’s not the next accessory for the iPod. Scientists from UCLA and the California Nanosystems Institute have created a bench top (read: small) fusion device, published in this weeks Nature. This amazing feat patters carefully around the ‘cold

  • poopower.JPG

    Microbial Fuel Cell

    April 28, 8:43 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    Engadget says it "turns poo to power"- a microbial fuel cell (BioElectrochemically-Assisted Microbial Reactor or BEAMR) that was originally developed to clean wastewater, and "demonstrates that there is real potential to capture hydrogen for fuel from

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    Convergence of Power Management Tech, Broadband over Utilities, and WindPower

    April 28, 7:30 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    There's plenty good news on new wind farm projects and environmentally compatible turbines. Balance-of-system wind farm components deserve some attention as well. Without the devices that manage voltage outputs from wind turbines, and match wind-energy

  • Solar panel 5.jpg

    Unsung Solar Heroes

    April 26, 11:40 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    There's plenty of focus on Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) panels of all sorts: thin, flexible, stiff, colored, plain, old-fashioned, ultra-efficient, building integrated, and so on. But for balance of system components, there's equally interesting progress

  • electronenvironment.jpg

    The Electron, Nanotechnology, and Solar Power

    April 26, 8:09 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    The electron is the ultimate currency of modern society and biology. Whether it is powering a cell phone or a cellular organism makes little difference to the electron….or does it? A theoretical chemist by the name of Marshall Newton (great last name!)

  • Greenpower2.jpg

    Green Power Sold Out

    April 25, 6:12 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    Add another link in the chain for Green Power. Andy, a dedicated TH reader, tipped us off to Maritime Electric from Prince Edward Island Canada after reading about the TVA Green Power program. Maritime Electric was able to build a wind farm due to the

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    Green Power In Memphis

    April 22, 7:46 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    The Tennessee Valley Authority is running with the idea of selling ‘green power’ to their on-grid customers. Our own John Laumer recently pointed out the advantages and political trends in living off-grid, now the rest of the people in the Tennessee

  • flinthills.jpg

    Kansas removes a barrier to large scale windfarms.

    April 21, 7:00 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    Proponents of wind power development in Kansas scored a victory this April when Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed a bill creating a new State entity with the authority to build electricity transmission lines. Excerpts from The Business Journal of Kansas

  • offgrid sunset.jpg

    Living Off-Grid: 3 Years in the Life of a New Pioneer

    April 19, 7:41 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    In Post-Depression America, the US government invested heavily in getting rural America On-Grid by authorizing and funding the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), plus helping about 700 rural power coops sting their customer's wires through the Rural

  • turbine.jpg

    The beauty of wind farms

    April 16, 6:09 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    David Suzuki has been the voice of doom on the Canadian environmental scene forever, and can make you feel guilty just for breathing and expelling CO2. Today he has written a strong and positive defense of wind farms in the face of the NIMBY reaction

  • breakwater.jpg

    Wave Power - Alternative Energy Available Today

    April 11, 8:32 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    Sustainable alternative energy is becoming attractive as oil costs rise and the negative side effects of traditional energy systems begin to become apparent. One often overlooked, but rapidly growing alternative is wave power. There are fascinating new

  • burnt_point.jpg

    Alternative Energy Mansions

    April 11, 8:09 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    Financial and aesthetic—if not environmental—considerations are leading the rich to install photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, and other alternative energy systems on their hugely expensive houses, as Forbes shows in a slideshow. Burnt Point, the

  • man_rower.jpg

    Notions of Expenditure

    April 11, 6:42 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    Think about it. We go to the gym every day, get on a machine and expend great amounts of energy. Multiply that by everyone in your gym, in all the gyms in all the world and what have you got? a lot of power! This project is a request "for speculative

  • solar-2lrg.jpg

    Solar Locker for Electric Bikes

    April 9, 9:48 AM by Christine Lepisto in Renewable Energy

    You know that rush you feel when you do something good for the environment? Especially if it involves you acquiring a shiny new product like a cute electric scooter or an electric bike. Well, the Solar Shell(TM)Electric Bike Charging Station is a

  • TH_solarstyle_040405.jpg

    It's Hard to be a Green Entrepreneur

    April 7, 5:10 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    When we first looked at the Solar Style line of portable solar chargers, we were a bit perplexed. The prices were remarkable, but you could not buy the product yet. The specifications were limited, and it was hard to figure out how it might


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