ENERGY STAR’s Green Office Program

You can improve your home office to help the environment. (Photo: Travis Isaacs [CC by 2.0]/Flickr)

If you have ever been appliance shopping, then you are familiar with the ENERGY STAR program. Certain appliances are more energy efficient and thus are ENERGY STAR approved. The program is a project of the Environmental Protection Agency but it goes far beyond household appliances. One of these other projects is the Bring Your Green to Work program.

The website has a free high-resolution green office poster (PDF) available for download. The poster can be put anywhere in your office to remind your coworkers of a few quick and easy green office tips. If you have a desk lamp, replace the light bulb with a CFL or LED light. Since most offices have at least one computer, enabling the power management settings can help reduce your energy use while at work.

The poster also suggests that you take the lead and create your own green office team (PDF). The ENERGY STAR website also offers a free downloadable PDF file with tips on how you can be your green office team lead. One suggestion made that is very timely is to begin preparations for an Earth Day celebration.

Earth Day is April 22 and if you get started now, you can have an Earth Day/green office team kickoff plan in place for Earth Day 2009.

Going green in the office is not difficult but it does take action on your part. If your coworkers are not as enthusiastic about it as you are, perhaps they will change their mind once they see how simple it is.