4 Energy-Saving Portable Electric Space Heaters

's AM09 heaters look cool, but they do they keep you toasty warm?. Dyson

Some of us may have romantic visions of giant crackling fires beneath ornate mantels to warm our homes once the chilly days have settled in. But given the inefficient heating of open fires and the general lack of Citizen Kane-ish fireplaces these days, some of us may find ourselves huddling around a space heater instead.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It used to be that electric space heaters were — aside from being hideous to look at — an expensive way to heat since electricity is one of the costliest ways to warm up the house. But new models incorporate features that make them much more energy-efficient (like thermostats and timers, for starters). And for people who choose to heat only one room, or supplement in an area if the whole house is being kept cooler, space heaters can have a great impact on energy usage.

So with that in mind, here are our top picks for portable electric space heaters. And although performance and energy-efficiency are the top criteria here, we're happy to report that none of these are particularly hard on the eyes.

1. Dyson's AM09

Looking more like an alien communication console as imagined by a 1950s' sci-fi writer, the Dyson entry in the market, as you might imagine, is not at all affordable, at least compared to most of the other options. CNET praises the AM09's design, as is par for the course with Dyson's products, but the publication also highlights remote issues (don't lose it!). So if you want a piece of abstract sculpture that has novel attributes and pitch-perfect performance, this is the one for you. See the Dyson site for specs, and for extra fun, read them in the voice of James Dyson. (Dyson's AM09, $450)

2. Vornado AVH2

Vornado AVH2 Heater
's 'vortext action' evenly distributes heat. Vornado

Vornado's energy-efficient heaters differ from traditional space heaters because of their "unique vortex action" (their words, not ours) which disburses heat evenly throughout the room, hastening the process and requiring less power.

The AVH2 has digital controls and uses automatic climate control, plus safety features and a cool-to-the-touch exterior. (Vornado AVH2, $100)

3. Honeywell 360 Surround Indoor Heater

Honeywell space heater
No more cold bathroom floors for you with this 360-degree heater from . Honeywell

Honeywell makes many small appliance products including hair dryers. Honeywell brand space heaters are primarily the ceramic type with a fan.

With 360-degree surround heat, this Honeywell heater has an adjustable thermostat and two heat settings. It has a safety feature that shuts off the heater if it is tipped over or is overheated. (Honeywell 360 Surround Indoor Heater, $30)

4. Crane Personal Space Heater

Crane space heater
The sleek space heater is very small and comes in black and white. Crane

Crane makes "better living" products including heaters, humidifiers, air purifiers and fans. The products are known for energy efficiency, function and sleek style.

Small but mighty, this personal ceramic heater is less than 8 inches tall. It's powerful enough to heat an office or bedroom, but quiet enough that you shouldn't know it's there. It comes with two heat settings and is available in two colors. (Crane Personal Space Heater, $40)

And a final note: Although these selections are some of the safest on the market, space heaters can be dangerous. See a list of safety tips here.