Will Belgium Abandon Nuclear Power Too?

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With Germany already committed to ending nuclear power, and Japan rethinking its nuclear options, the notion that nuclear will always be a part of our energy mix is looking shakier than ever. (Let’s not forget that some prominent environmentalists will argue that abandoning nuclear is a dangerous folly.) According to Business Green, is the latest country to be rethinking nuclear, and it looks like there is a very good chance they will be flipping the “off” switch:

Belgium could become the latest country to abandon nuclear power, confirming yesterday that it will shut down its two remaining nuclear power stations if alternate sources can be found. The country's two main parties, which have been negotiating a new coalition government since elections in June 2010, are understood to be discussing the matter as part of those talks.

Will Belgium Abandon Nuclear Power Too?
Belgian politicians are the latest to consider a phase out of nuclear power. Is this a good thing?

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