Why the Sierra Club is Endorsing President Obama

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Sierra Club activists are thrilled with our news today that we’re endorsing President Obama for 2012, and they’re thinking back to their exciting work to get him elected in 2008.

“I was excited to work to help elect President Obama the first time,” says Bill Arthur, a Sierra Clubber who worked as an Obama campaign volunteer in Nevada in 2008. “Obama spoke of a vision for America that was, and is, forward looking - it embraces the values of a clean and healthy environment for all of us, responsibly addressing climate change, and moving us forward to the economy of the future based on renewable power.”

Roger Singer, who volunteered in Colorado in 2008, said it only took one speech from Obama to get him onboard. “When I first saw and heard candidate Barack Obama live, speaking to a standing room only crowd with passion, clarity and vision, I was hooked right away. I soon found myself working with an unprecedented level of young people, diverse communities and people who never before bothered to get involved politically. I knew during those busy days of volunteering that he was the right choice for me as President, both personally and professionally.”

Bill and Roger are excited again to help re-elect President Obama because they’ve seen the progress so far. during our fight to protect clean air, clean water, and the health of our families.

We’ve stood up to big polluters to roll out a decades-long backlog of life-saving public health safeguards to clean up dirty power plants and keep the air our families breathe clean.

We’ve fought for the implementation of historic fuel efficiency standards that are helping keep Detroit competitive, creating tens of thousands of jobs, and getting families farther on a gallon of gas.

We rallied to defend our wild lands – and ensured the protection of a million acres around the Grand Canyon from Uranium mining.

One of our best allies in each of these battles has been President Obama. He’s stood on the side of health, prosperity, and progress for all American families against the reckless agenda of unbridled greed pushed by corporate polluters.

That’s one huge reason why big oil, big coal, and their political allies are spending unprecedented millions in the next election: they want to defeat the President and overturn not just our most recent victories, but every achievement we’ve had over the last few decades.

They’re backing candidates whose jobs plan is simply pollution without boundaries: increased drilling and mining, the elimination of public health safeguards, and the end of the Environmental Protection Agency as we know it.

They’ll do anything it takes to make sure their profits come before the needs of our planet. But we won’t let them. Our activist and millions more like them are committed to helping President Obama get re-elected.

“I’ll be proud to once again walk the cul-de-sacs of America to help re-elect President Obama and keep that vision of the future moving forward,” says Bill Arthur.

Marie Bergen, who volunteered for Obama in New Hampshire, is ready to get back out there again. “I know we still have a long way to go, but President Obama has put us on the right path with clean energy investments and new health safeguards to protect our kids' health. I want to keep the momentum going for another four years so I can't wait to get involved with the Obama campaign this year.”

Roger Singer will be out there again, too. “As the political season heats up and we see what choices we have for deciding our country's future. I know I'll be back on the battle lines, making those calls, knocking on those doors.”

The contrast is clear. The stakes are high. But while the oil companies may have millions of dollars to spend, we can do them one better. Our strength is in our people – people who are willing to stand up, work hard, and fight for what’s right.

We’re advocates, activists, voters, and organizers --- and we know how to win. In fact, we share that same background with President Obama.

Today, the Sierra Club is endorsing President Barack Obama for re-election. We know that the President is on the side of clean air, clean water, and the health of American families. He’s shown it in his leadership and in his actions.

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Why the Sierra Club is Endorsing President Obama
We’ve achieved some incredible victories. But there's more to do.

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