Why Free Energy Would Be a Very, Very Bad Thing

Free Energy is a bad ideaThrive Documentary/Video screen capture

We TreeHuggers like free ways to save energy and we are very excited to see the massive growth in clean energy. But while some people like to talk about solar energy as if it's free, the fact is that harvesting it costs time, money, effort and resources. Free energy is a myth. And that's a good thing. And yet it's a myth that continues to persist.

In response to Thrive, a major new documentary that claims that free energy sources are being kept from us, Rob Hopkins lays out in no uncertain terms why free energy is a pipe dream and, more importantly, why we should hope like hell that it stays that way:

While it has also allowed us to do many good things, energy cannot be seen in isolation from our relationship with other resources. Free energy would mean we would drain the aquifers faster, degrade the soils faster, work our way through the earth’s other depleting resources at an accelerated rate. Nowhere in the film is the idea of limits even mentioned, apart from occasional mentions that believing in ‘scarcity’ is one of our problems. Can anyone seriously argue that the United States (which is principally the focus of this film) with a new free source of energy would be a more responsible member of the global community?

Why Free Energy Would Be a Very, Very Bad Thing
A new film claims free, unlimited energy is within our grasp, but is being kept secret by oil companies. Transition movement founder Rob Hopkins explains why we'd better hope that's a lie.

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