We're Not Facing a Shortage of Energy, But a 'Longage' of Expectations

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Nate Hagens, former editor of The Oil Drum, really sums up the peak fossil fuels/peak resources situation (and really one of the central problems of our unsustainable use of resources in general) in a new interview over at ChrisMartenson.com. Hagens says:

We're not really facing a shortage of energy, we're facing a longage of expectations. And the sooner that we as individuals or a nation recognize that the future is going to see much lower energy consumption than today and prepare for that...psychological resilience is going to be really important; because if no one is psychologically prepared, people are going to freak out when some of these freedoms start going away.
Think we're collectively psychologically prepared? How many people freak out when there's no AC in a room, or click off a web page when it takes a second longer to load than they're used to, or when they are asked to pay marginally more to get movies both streamed and mailed to them? We're woefully unprepared practically and psychologically.

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