Vermont Senate Votes to Ban Fracking

An quick update on the move to ban fracking in Vermont: Back in January the Vermont House Water Resources Committee voted to approve a three-year ban on hydraulic fracturing in the state. Now the Vermont Senate has voted to ban fracking as well.

Though only a tiny part of the state is suitable for fracking, with a bit of the Utica Shale overlapping with the northwest portion of the state and there are currently no proposals to start fracking, by a vote of 27-1 the state senate approve a modified version of the House bill, extending the ban indefinitely.

The Times Argus reports state senator Ginny Lyons, chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee, citing concerns about the chemicals used in fracking and potential water contamination as motivation for the ban.

The Vermont Public Interest Research Group praised the vote, saying, "it brings Vermont one step closer to becoming the first state in the nation to ban the dirty and dangerous practice of fracking. This is exactly the kind of leadership that is needed on this issue."

Vermont Senate Votes to Ban Fracking
The House passed a three-year moratorium earlier in the year. The Senate proposes to extend the ban indefinitely.

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