Utility "Representatives" Explain Their Profits to the Public (Video)

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When we hosted a live chat with Solarcentury's Jeremy Leggett, he was unequivocal in describing the relationship between fossil fuels and clean energy as nothing short of "civil war". Interestingly, he also singled out many utilities as clinging desperately to the old way of doing things and a centralized, fossil-fuel driven business model. As UK Conservatives show signs of abandoning their green efforts and parroting the untruths that clean energy incentives are driving up the cost of power, a group of "representatives" (aka activists from Friends of the Earth UK) took to the streets to explain that times are tough for everyone, and to give something back to the general public.

The public's reaction is just what you'd expect.

Created as part of Friends of the Earth UK's Final Demand campaign to take on an unfair energy system, the video below is both entertaining activism and a smart bit of politics. The myth that feed-in tariffs and similar green incentives are the primary reason behind energy price hikes has been taking hold in the public imagination. FOE is setting out to put things straight:

The energy company rip-off is a national scandal. The Big Six supply 99% of households and make billions in profits by keeping us hooked on expensive dirty fuels. And they have the Government wrapped around their little fingers. It's time for our leaders to stand up to the Big Six and give us energy we can all afford.

While there will undoubtedly be costs to supporting a clean energy revolution, it is time to break the stranglehold that oil companies and energy utilities have on the market. With the true cost of oil and the ruinous economic and environmental impact of coal becoming ever more apparent worldwide, now is not the time to abandon support for emerging alternatives.

The level playing field is a myth. The big guys have had this market stitched up for years. But the pressure for change is growing stronger with every price hike and every profit report.

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