U.S. states ranked by how solar-friendly their policies are in 2013

Solar Rankings USA 2013
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How solar-friendly is your state?

Solar power's progress has been strong in the U.S. lately, but there can be a huge difference in solar-friendliness from state to state. Some have good net-metering policies, others don't. Same for tax credits, rebates, interconnection regulations, etc. With this many states and this many variables, it can be a huge headache to figure out what's going on and how state X compares to state Y. But thanks to the good folks at SolarPowerRocks (gotta love that name!), it's now a piece of cake to figure out which states are doing the right things for solar and which need to get their act together.

The spreadsheet above shows how each state is ranked and what the situation is for a variety of things (you can see a larger version of the image here). If you only want to see where your state ranks, check out the graph below:

Solar Rankings USA 2013© SolarPowerRocks

And for details about each state, scroll down a bit on this page. There's a description for each state explaining why it ranks like it does.

One thing that was surprising is that California, the biggest state for solar, ranks only #12 with 3.4/5. Just imagine how well solar would do in the state if it at least matched the policies of Massachusetts, the state that ranks #1.

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